Friday, February 22, 2008


And thus, it begins.
Sitting in the library, working on my yoga mid-term, and listening to the unintelligent ramblings of the girls across from me.
"Can you still have a 4.0 if you have straight B's?"
For reals?

On the plus side, I'm sitting with my pal TiGo, who is equally annoyed.

"How does it affect your life if you go to Stanford, or Lewis And Clark, or like, PCC?"
C'mon, now.
Don't work too hard.
Realistically speaking, I know I dislike most people. I've come to terms with that.
However, this is direct provocation.
God is pwning me for throwing those blueberries away last night behind the Hawthorne, isn't he?
In other news, I think I've gotten to the point where I can function past my current cold, and get my shit done.
Which is great, considering we open in less than two weeks.


That's so scary to think about. I think we're ready--er, well...most of us.
But opening? Really?

TGIF, man.

...Well, We had a great time at the show last night...
And I really liked the Dirt Jake Replicas.
They kinda had a Lacuna-Coil-y-esque-ness to them.
Oh, the Hawthorne, and your shitty acoustics. How we love you.

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