Sunday, February 24, 2008


Listening to Avenged. Despite Ian's wishes.

I decided that I can't march OC this summer, and It's really sad.
I just won't be able to afford it.
It sucks, but even if I started saving now, I wouldn't be able to come up with the cash before we leave/before its due, and they aren't making special arrangments this year. And I asked Missy for help, and she basically said she could care less.

Thursday night, concert with Tilo and Laura.
*Moses, Smell the Roses (really great).
*Dirt Jake Replicas (<3)
*Some Others. I didn't stay for the whole thing.

Friday night, Laura and I went gallavanting around the Beav in her white Laura-mobile. We got vitamin water. And coffee. And denied a car full of eleventeen year old boys. It was epic.

Saturday, work party. I cannot believe tech is a week away. That is so scary/depressing/exciting. Some people (cast and crew) in this show are really testing my patience, which, if you know me well, is limited. B-train and her foofernoofles. [Don't ask.]

I'm gonna work on my motivational pre-show speeches now, then I'll post some more.

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